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#26 Website Issues and Support » [FEATURE] retag other peoples contributed images, posted by: Mvolz » 2019-12-20 17:05:34

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Is it possible to edit the tags of clip art that's already published but which you haven't claimed as yours?

I am noticing some clip art that's been tagged with very few tags or not very good description - I know it's a tiring task but it would be nice if we could crowdsource fixing them.

However when I search for the titles of them in the tagging portion of the website, I'm not seeing them come up- maybe this is by design?

Is this maybe something only admins can do?

ROB_S WROTE: I believe this may have been suggested previously but can't find the original thread so reposting as it's a good idea, credit goes to mvolz for requesting this highly sought after feature.

#27 Re: Website Issues and Support » Tagged images are done. We need more help! » 2019-12-20 16:42:10

Hi Mvolz, it is not currently possible to alter the tags for images submitted by somebody else. but this is a feature we requested a while back, so we hope to see this feature appear in the future.

The tagging portion of the website only includes images sourced from the OCAL collection that do not currently appear on the site, that require tagging and description to be added prior to being published to the site. You will see that these images already contain partial tags, this has been generated by image recognition software, but still require checking as some of the tags maybe inaccurate.

You can however modify tags, descriptions for any image you have submitted yourselves, along with any OCAL images you have checked and published.

Hope this helps.

#28 Re: Website Issues and Support » Can't upload an created SVG because i have to use a tag,but it's empt » 2019-12-18 20:34:56

ifishy1967 I've sent you a PM with futher instructions, please login to the forum to access it. Any further issues let me know.

#29 Re: Website Issues and Support » Can't upload an created SVG because i have to use a tag,but it's empt » 2019-12-18 12:19:59

Hi I think there is a file size limit on what new users can upload, can you please check the size of the file you are trying to upload, and report back your findings. If you have another SVG image that you can upload, to test then please give this ago, just to make it's not something else.

What could cause large SVG
If you have any raster image which you have embedded in the file such as BMP/JPG/PNG then this would make the SVG file larger than it needs to be, so I would suggest removing them, if  you can. Also if it's highly details, purhaps a SVG traced from a Photo then this increases the coordinate count substantially in the SVG.

If your still having trouble we may ask that you forward us a copy of the file, so that we can investigate further, we would then upload and you would just need to claim as your own, next time your logged in.

#30 Re: Website Issues and Support » Report / appeal text censorship issues here » 2019-12-17 16:33:24

J4p4n, all are in agreement with you, I realise it may be inconvenient, but please be patient, Boris who is one of the lead developers has already stated the list needs to be revised so it is on their to do list, there is precisely 1595 words and phrases that need to be gone through so it will take a little time.

#31 Re: Website Issues and Support » Ability to search using two or more tags with AND modifier » 2019-12-16 22:26:13

I would be curious to know for sure how it works myself, I am just basing my response on my personal observations so there is a chance I am wrong.

#32 Re: Website Issues and Support » [FEATURE] maintain aspect ratio in PNG converstion from SVG » 2019-12-16 00:01:36

Well spotted, and makes for a good feature enhancement so I hope you don't mind but I have changed post title, so it is seen as a proposed future feature if possible.

found a old post referencing librsvg that claims to be able to do this if imagemagick cant

#33 Re: Website Issues and Support » Ability to search using two or more tags with AND modifier » 2019-12-15 23:35:35

Hi I don't know much about the search technology but for me when I enter the same search query I get fairly accurate results, it appears to first display results matching the exact query then displays results containing either words. I am not sure if it supports boolean operators like and + or, it's a fairly robust so I would suspect it does, but I do not know if all of the features have been fully implimented. The developers are working on advanced search parameters so purhaps this is something they could also look at for future updates.

#34 Re: Website Issues and Support » [FEATURE] View animated SVG Image » 2019-12-12 23:30:00

I agree being able to access these animations is a must, I've been adding your animated links to the guide you produced just to use as examples and I too am finding it challenging as the location of the file is not immediately obvious, your the only person currently that I am aware of that produces these animated SVG on the site but I personally hope you either inspire others, or we attract others that already know how to produce these to freesvg as I think they are brilliant. PNG's appear to be the backbone of the operation especially where image previews are concerned, but I see no reason why a link to view svg button or link cant be added where it opens in another window purhaps and is viewed as a SVG not PNG, which could be useful for this type of scenario.

I will let the developers advise further.

#36 Re: Website Issues and Support » [FEATURE] site guidelines & code of conduct 2b agreed upon and publish » 2019-12-10 19:36:29

J4P4N, we are talking about fonts not typefaces, from what I understand it typefaces are options like:  extra bold, bold, regular, light, italic, condensed, which understandably is not copyrighted the font however, which will have been pain stakenly designed by an artist like yourself can be copyrighted. I may be mistaken but didn't you used to design fonts yourselves, these are fonts you contributed aren't they?:

I don't believe your argument that tracing a font holds water, as most modern day fonts, like TTF OTF fonts are already vectored, as they evolved from postscript concepts that also heavily influenced SVG development. What you appear to be saying is it is OK to trace a font and make it into a vector from a font that was already a vector, which I don't believe is correct. If however you are talking about tracing historical documents, or images that containing vintage text like the weed killer image you posted recently:, then I have no idea, I guess it depends on whether by doing so, you will be infringing an active trademark or Copywrite.

I am not an expert on fonts, and less of an expert on Copywrite issues but for anyone considering using a font in their artwork, who also intends on composing the text, then my advise would be to firstly downloaded the font from a reputable source, you should find it has been pre packaged in a zip file / compression archive, and in addition to the font, you should find a text file which usually confirms what usage right you have. Some font manager programs also include this information, but it's rarely ever filled in, so should not be relied upon, If in doubt try contacting the font designer, and if you can't make contact then find another similar font that is ok to use for the intended purpose.

It also appears to differ from one country to the next: … _typefaces

In the case of USA, I think this sums it up: The machine code used to display a stylized typeface (called a font) is protectable as copyright. Since an SVG is machine code just like any other graphics file format, then I think it applies, but that's just my personal opinion.

#37 Re: Website Issues and Support » Report / appeal text censorship issues here » 2019-12-08 13:29:34

J4P4N, I stand corrected in this instance you are probably correct. I checked the meta data and found it was created at more or less the same time as the movie, so I figured their was some connection file created: 2011-07-28T21:29:07 the movie was release on 9 December 2011, coincidence purhaps, I doubt it, but I will give you and the original author the benefit of the doubt either way there is probably no danger of copywrite infringement on this ocassion.

As for the addition function to the report button this is just a suggestion, your entitled to express your own oppinion as is anyone else but purhaps you should consider not using the word "we" as I don't believe you speak for everyone, the site can only improve through users contributing idea's, some will make the cut, others won't, but repeatedly criticising someones idea's only serves to discourage them from making suggestions in the first place.

I was just thinking of convenience for both the user of the site, and admin. As, as you will appreciate, not all users who are registered on the site are registered on the forum, so by not giving them the ability to report such issues your basically forcing them to register on the forum and generate a post, which is less than convenient for the average user, I would suspect rather than reporting they would instead choose to ignore it.

The list you speak of has been sorted out to an extent, but will constantly evolves as does language along with profanity, so words will need added or retracted as time goes by.

#38 Re: Website Issues and Support » Can't upload an created SVG because i have to use a tag,but it's empt » 2019-12-06 11:46:09

Hi wolfgang,

In reference to tags, you will need to enter tags which are relevant to the image, these are used to help other people find your artwork. you free type these.

When posting an image please ensure all fields marked with a Asterix contain content, it might be possible the SVG upload button has lost sight of the file you were trying to upload so, try choosing the file again just to make sure. Some boxes are populated with date, Published, public domain already - I would suggest not changing these as  it may throw an error. File name should be brief but description can be longer.

Pls let us know if you experience further issues.

Regards, Rob.

#39 Re: Website Issues and Support » Report / appeal text censorship issues here » 2019-12-06 09:44:38 the word "puss" was overlooked, could you please remove from censorship as it has multiple uses. Not sure if this file is copywrite infringement, as original is a characture created by dreamworks by the looks of it. If it's not a like for like copy then maybe "cat in boots" would be more appropriate so it bares no relationship to the dreamworks character.

Maybe an idea to add a function to the report button for any further text censorship issues, as mentioned the odd one will crop up from time to time.

Also just noticed only image title appears to be censored, description is not.

I suggest we continue to use this thread started by J4P4N to report issues until button available.

#40 Website Issues and Support » [FEATURE ENHANCEMENT] explicit image reporting enhancement » 2019-12-04 11:35:19

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Currently, when logged in there is no way of knowing what image has been previously reported, I sugggest something be added to the image download page and possible also the places where it appears as thumbnail like searches or home page or related image to indicate it's status, so people avoid reposting the same image to the reported list, which could end up happening continiously.

I was thinking when logged in something like red border around image thumbnails or subtle pink for images marked as explicit as a quick indicator, and also something added below the description to indicate to the general public, that the image has been already reported as explicit.

I got the the end of this then realised your planning on blurring the preview, which would work but if this means that the thumbnail even when logged in is also blurred then this could become a bone of contention for some.

I say if blur is the currently only workable solution then go with this, but may require a better solution in the future. maybe comedic censored text overlay obscuring just the bits that cause alarm or something way better.

#41 Re: Website Issues and Support » Planned features and upgrades schedule » 2019-12-03 22:28:20

Native support may be overshooting to begin with, there is nothing wrong with starting rock bottom and building up trust in the Inkscape dev community, I could be wrong but both hershey text and gcodetools started as a 3rd party tools but appear to have been included in current releases unless of course every time I'm doing an upgrade they are being upgraded also for some reason, which could be a possibility, I've never checked that thoroughly. The point I am trying to make is these things sometimes can take time, inkscape is popular, and they need to make sure anything they are installing as default is safe for the user base, to protect their own reputation.

I was hoping lazur @ inkscape forum could have pulled some strings for us he's done some amazing work on filters over the years, but he seems to be intent on resurrecting OCAL, if any one the old librarians know this person, then pls have a word as he could be extremely useful to this project, not only for categorization of filters which is planned, but also for opening up development channels with the inkscape team and the sharing of old code that the DEVS could use to speed up the process.

#42 Re: Website Issues and Support » Report / appeal text censorship issues here » 2019-12-03 19:14:26

Full list found at this location may be more robust, … by-google/
Even with this list though there is bound to be the odd word that people of this site might find restrictive, or the occassional word may slip through. If nothing else, it's a starting point, something to built on over time.

A quick look at this and I found god, stroke, hell so this too would defo need to be checked to make sure it's suitible prior to use.

You might even want to combine both lists, as I see some words not present in both, If I get a mo I will go through both thoroughly.

Done, in your inbox.

#44 Website Issues and Support » [FEATURE] quick edits of personal collection suggested by J4P4N » 2019-12-03 17:29:04

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can I add "edit image" button from each clipart page view? having to scroll through thousands of my clipart images to try to find one in my history to add tags to or something is a major headache. (On Openclipart us librarians could also edit titles/descriptions/tags on other images from the clipart view page, that also made editing wrong titles/tags etc very easy)

#45 Re: Website Issues and Support » Planned features and upgrades schedule » 2019-12-03 17:24:50

This is really just a way for the web developers to communicate what features they are working on in the immediate future and to give people a idea on development timescale, this is what they believe is manageable and achievable ove the coming months, any further idea should be posted to "website issues and support thread" as new post with the subject starting [FEATURE] so they can keep track of new requests, and mark them as solved once tackled, tested and introduced as an everyday function.

#46 Re: Website Issues and Support » [FEATURE] site guidelines & code of conduct 2b agreed upon and publish » 2019-12-03 14:32:52

J4P4N, fonts really are a mine field, using a commercially available font even when converted to a path would be a problem, It depends on the permitted usage rights, buy purchasing the font your more or less entering a contractual agreement, not to use the font for any other purpose that the sale intended it for. I don't know how enforceable these rules are, I only know they are exist. It's like antivirus, you can pay for a single license for one machine, or a premium for many, it's the same product just sold for different circumstances.

#47 Re: Website Issues and Support » [FEATURE] site guidelines & code of conduct 2b agreed upon and publish » 2019-12-03 14:25:26

I think the point Boris is trying to make is originality would be preferred along with remixes of other CC0 content, as there is less chance or copywrite infringement, along with some of the other things mentioned by others, but blatent copying of Logo's, Characters such as cartoons / hentai / game characters and fonts to a degree think Cocacola / disney should be avoided.

#48 Website Issues and Support » [FEATURE] ability to post comment to reported images list » 2019-12-02 21:34:03

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Some users have figured out they can use the reported description box to post comment directed at the person censoring their image, there is nothing wrong with this, but it is not what it was designed for, and until there is a option specifically designed for this, they will continue to do so.I suggest once an Image is flagged then there should be a commenting section where the uploader can appeal the decision. Or for the person doing the reporting to further detail why it was censored in the first place.

Also, I did not censor this image: but I was guilty for censoring a similar image:
are we again censoring these types of images, as I thought they were now permissible. The image I censored still appears in the list, I've been wondering how I send it back to the home page?  and whats the mark as resolved button for?

#49 Website Issues and Support » [FEATURE] button functionality » 2019-12-02 21:13:45

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Buttons added that provide critical functionality are currently only available on the front end, when really they should also be available on the backend within SVG management.

For example whilst tagging you may come across a image that needs to be reported or marked as explicit, currently we have to submit to the homepage, then go to the front end to use the appropriate button, when really they could be included in the image edit screen. Same goes for claim button, if a user came across there own image, it would be quicker the claim there and then, instead of having to go to the front page to claim it.

#50 Website Issues and Support » [FEATURE] FAVOURITES » 2019-12-02 21:03:12

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currently there are statistics available underneath user profile showing how many images are belonging to others you have favourited. But I can't see a way to view those favourites which would be handy, Likewise there doesn't appear to be a way to see how many imaged that you've uploaded yourselves have been favorited by others,with the ability to see which ones are favourited. This feature might be useful for anyone that wants to gauge feedback on a design they have submitted.

just as an example, if I uploaded a design, and I seen a thousand people were liking it, I might consider putting it out as a tshirt design on zazzle / red bubble teespring / it's only fair the author be given the opportunity 1st to profit from their design, before others do, even if they are releasing the image as CC0 same goes for any popular cricut or laser cut imagery I guess.

also to get to these stats you have to click dashboard > user uploads but really this info could just as easily be displayed within dashboard, as there is not a lot going on in there.

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