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#1 2019-12-04 11:35:19

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[FEATURE ENHANCEMENT] explicit image reporting enhancement

Currently, when logged in there is no way of knowing what image has been previously reported, I sugggest something be added to the image download page and possible also the places where it appears as thumbnail like searches or home page or related image to indicate it's status, so people avoid reposting the same image to the reported list, which could end up happening continiously.

I was thinking when logged in something like red border around image thumbnails or subtle pink for images marked as explicit as a quick indicator, and also something added below the description to indicate to the general public, that the image has been already reported as explicit.

I got the the end of this then realised your planning on blurring the preview, which would work but if this means that the thumbnail even when logged in is also blurred then this could become a bone of contention for some.

I say if blur is the currently only workable solution then go with this, but may require a better solution in the future. maybe comedic censored text overlay obscuring just the bits that cause alarm or something way better.


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