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#1 2019-12-02 21:03:12

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currently there are statistics available underneath user profile showing how many images are belonging to others you have favourited. But I can't see a way to view those favourites which would be handy, Likewise there doesn't appear to be a way to see how many imaged that you've uploaded yourselves have been favorited by others,with the ability to see which ones are favourited. This feature might be useful for anyone that wants to gauge feedback on a design they have submitted.

just as an example, if I uploaded a design, and I seen a thousand people were liking it, I might consider putting it out as a tshirt design on zazzle / red bubble teespring / it's only fair the author be given the opportunity 1st to profit from their design, before others do, even if they are releasing the image as CC0 same goes for any popular cricut or laser cut imagery I guess.

also to get to these stats you have to click dashboard > user uploads but really this info could just as easily be displayed within dashboard, as there is not a lot going on in there.


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