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#1 Website Issues and Support » Issues with site » 2019-12-02 14:40:32

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Issues with image conversion may lead to site not working
Working on solution

#6 Website Issues and Support » Tagged images are done. We need more help! » 2019-11-19 09:48:38

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Hi guys,

we have published all images that had all meta data within the file. Now we are left with about 75k untagged images and those images will have to be tagged, described and titled manually. There is no other way. We count on your help now to add proper title, description and tags to images that no one except the original artist knows what the image is about. It will be a difficult task but not impossible. If you are willing to help here are some suggestions about how to do it.

The untagged images are visible in you Admin area under Tagging menu. They all have "DRAFT" status, that's how you will recognize images that are untagged and unpublished.

Once you click to Edit the file, please fill following fields: Title, Description and Tags. Some tags are already inside (filled with help of Google Vision algorithm) but do not rely on it heavily. Please check these tags and if you think any of them is not suitable, delete it and add yours.

Also try to give best possible title to the image. For example title Frame67 is not good. Delete numbers, even numbers that are put only to avoid duplicates , like Red house 2, Red house 3 etc. Try to be creative and give it unique title. Sometimes doing this is very difficult, so as a very last resort you should use numbers.

Thanks to everyone for your involvement so far.  If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in this thread.

#7 Re: News » Complete Openclipart collection in 1 Zip file is now online » 2019-11-18 08:27:27

.mau. wrote:

File is empty for me too :-(

It's coming guys, we are working on it, we are uploading it on a will be available very soon.

Here are mirror links in the meantime: … xGnlb/view … ion=locate

#8 News » Complete Openclipart collection in 1 Zip file is now online » 2019-11-15 18:33:32

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We have published link to complete Openclipart collection with 157k SVG images in one 23 GB Zip file.

Link to Zip file … LUcbp/view

Link to Twitter post about this

#9 Re: Website Issues and Support » This made me a bit worried » 2019-11-11 09:41:24

Hi liftarn, I am happy that you noticed this but there is nothing to worry about. All these images were bitmap files. We have identified all images that were not vector and unfortunately a lot of them were LGBT flags embedded with national flags. As you can see there are a lot of LGBT images on the website and even some that we made ourselves. There will be no censorship of these or any other similar images. Speaking of censorship it is harsh word I think, as we are thinking and talking all the time about how to make this website child safe place and that will include some filtering of words and images it seems.

Anyway thanks for noticing this I appreciate it as it shows we have community that really cares and wants to make this right.

EDIT: These are very easy to make and as soon as I catch some time I will make these as SVG vector files. Don't really understand why they were rasterized.

#10 Re: Website Issues and Support » Related image gone 404 » 2019-11-09 09:58:20

liftarn wrote:

If you go to and click the first image under related ( ) it gives a 404 error.

Just to add that this image was deleted because it was bitmap image. We identified all bitmap images in the database and are now deleting them. This was one of them.

#11 News » was down yesterday for couple of hours » 2019-11-08 09:08:16

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Notice to users: was down yesterday for about 4 hours because we were setting up new server configuration. Due to increased number of files and data we needed new server set up for future growth of the website and in the process the website was down for few hours. Similar actions with anticipated loss of service (if any) will be preannounced in the future.

#12 Re: News » Which feature do you want most? » 2019-10-10 07:59:06

adlerweb wrote:

One more thing would be a proper upload form. Currently I only found the "admin area" which allows uploading, however some fields seem redundant and "admin" terminology might scare people away.

Examples what I am missing:
- Titles currently must be unique, doesn't really make much sense for me. Orange1, Orange2, etc?
- Image-file must be submitted twice? Or should it be SVG + rendered PNG?
- Tags are meh (see FR)
- When something goes wrong most parts of the form are lost and must be entered again

Fixed following:
- Image doesn't have to be submitted twice anymore, just once
- Duplicate titles and descriptions are allowed when uploading new files.
- Data in form is not deleted anymore

#13 Re: Website Issues and Support » [BUG/SOLVED] User-profiles: Broken image when no avatar is present » 2019-10-10 03:48:13

adlerweb wrote:

When no avatar is uploaded the user profile page displays a broken image instead (<img width="300px" src="/images/">). Should be either no image or a placeholder instead.


#16 Re: Resources with CC0 license » Welcome to CC0 public domain resources forum » 2019-10-10 03:30:10

Rob you are right, WBM is useless for recovering detailed and structured data because it doesn't go deep.
Will look in archive and try to recover useful data.

#17 Re: News » Which feature do you want most? » 2019-10-10 03:26:17

Hi adlerweb
below are comments

adlerweb wrote:

- Titles currently must be unique, doesn't really make much sense for me. Orange1, Orange2, etc?

We want to have more precise descriptions in order to find vectors easier with search function. We can add automatically numbers at the end of the title but user can find it much easier if unique. What we can do is to warn you before you submit image that title is not unique so you don't have to enter everything again.

adlerweb wrote:

- Image-file must be submitted twice? Or should it be SVG + rendered PNG?

Our first version only had a one image field, but lot of SVG (around 10-15%) could not be automatically converted to png, so we added other field. But you are right, will try to find some way to reduce redundancy.

adlerweb wrote:

- Tags are meh (see FR)


adlerweb wrote:

- When something goes wrong most parts of the form are lost and must be entered again

Aware of this and already working on it

#18 Re: Website Issues and Support » [BUG/SOLVED] User-profiles: Broken image when no avatar is present » 2019-10-10 03:04:26

Hi  adlerweb,
Thanks for all the comments and great suggestions.
We will try to find a way to implement this

#19 Re: Resources with CC0 license » Welcome to CC0 public domain resources forum » 2019-10-08 10:37:02

Lazur wrote:

Hello everyone!

What about
They used to be great -currently down.
There is a user here named openclipart who posted half of the mentioned site's material -probably it's an automated script mirroring the site.

Do you think you could build the gallery to take in openclipart's "collections" data as well?

Hi, we can make functionality. If there is somewhere backup of Ocal collections we can restore it and implement it on site.

#20 Re: News » Which feature do you want most? » 2019-10-08 10:27:24

rob_s wrote:

Flag as inappropriate button or flag for review by a moderator button should be added, there is one image uploaded with description that is not child friendly and should be revised using a less vulgar word, should probably impliment auto blacklisting of certain words for validation prior to submission on both site and forum. repeat offenders should be cautioned, then eventually banned if they do not correct their choice of words or behaviour.

That's great point and feature suggestion. This website must be family friendly and we will definitely do something in line with your suggestions.

#21 Re: News » Which feature do you want most? » 2019-10-08 10:23:56

Lazur wrote:


First I'd like to see a visually -and functionally- appealing site. The current one seems clustered even compared to (the late?) openclipart's.

Can you be more specific? What exactly regarding visual appearance and functionality? We are open for suggestions.

#22 Re: SVG clip art » Welcome to SVG clip art forum! » 2019-10-08 10:16:09

Hi Lazur, nice to meet you and welcome you here.

We definitely hope OCAL would come back because it was great community that offered real public domain license for SVG files. Closing it down indefinitely would be great loss for anyone working with free graphics but lack of information for such a long time is not a good sign so few people here and in other places worked hard to save what could be saved.

As you may know we have uploaded around 55k svgs from OCAL to this website , all with our own titles and descriptions and tags. We have collected all svgs from the remains of OCAL and now have around 158k svgs of which, as mentioned 55k are published here. For the rest of images we do not have titles, descriptions or tags and are looking for the best way how to fill that information. Regarding integration to Inkscape we would like to know if we can help somehow. We are creating backup of current files published on the website and in case of some unforeseen circumstance we would publish it to the public. We want these files to remain open for everyone.

#23 Re: Website Issues and Support » OpenClipart content » 2019-10-08 09:38:46

Pols12 wrote:


OpenClipart images seem to be still available getting their URL.

A program could easily pick all images getting URL where XXX is digital ID.

55k images have already been imported, could you import all the other one?


Honestly before your post we were not aware of this url and that it was possible to download files. So we created a script that collected content from this link and were able to download all svg files (around 158k files). We already have 55k svgs published on this website and look for a way to publish rest of files. Problem is there are no descriptions, titles or tags for these files so we are looking for a way to fill this information. If you have any suggestion what would be the best way to do it, we would appreciate it.

#24 Re: News » Which feature do you want most? » 2019-10-05 11:14:22

Hi Rob,
thanks for suggestion. Will do that today.



#25 News » Which feature do you want most? » 2019-10-04 15:05:30

Replies: 23

In the pipeline we have several features which we will implement on the site in the near feature. Please vote below which one you would like to see first.

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