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#51 Re: Website Issues and Support » [FEATURE] Archive old forum posts. » 2019-12-02 20:38:20

Actually if you guys create a folder marked archive, they can be moved into there. I just figure some of the features or bugs that are solved no longer need to appear in the list, but should probably be preserved, just incase.

#52 Website Issues and Support » [FEATURE] Archive old forum posts. » 2019-12-02 20:34:45

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Hi is the there a way to archive old posts I figure some things are obsolete now so could probably do with being moved else where.

#53 Re: Website Issues and Support » [BUG] sitewide restriction to prevent deletion of images by users » 2019-12-02 00:41:42

Vedran did say he could create a list of these soft deletes but I think the guys might be swamped at the moment, with all the other stuff we are throwing at them. Personally I just see a potential for misuse of the delete and upload function within the current lists, if it's going to be available to all users. We are OK at the moment, as those currently contributing have proved themselves to be trustworthy. But if one bad apple were to join, they could wreak havok even if the files aren't really deleted. Any list should probably include user name who deleted, reason for delete, and ability to reinstate if needed, and also a way to knock off old images from the list after a prolonged period of time, otherwise we could find ourselves scrolling page after page.

#54 Re: Website Issues and Support » [BUG] sitewide restriction to prevent deletion of images by users » 2019-12-01 23:36:04

Jaynick, you got a list of all the URL's for your animations that are accessible from within freesvg, I would like to add them to that guide you created if I can to demonstrate to people what is possible with SVG.

#56 Re: Website Issues and Support » [FEATURE/ IDEA] campaign to enlist more help with tagging » 2019-11-30 22:11:58

J4 What a pleasant surprise. lol. It's discourse, so your entitled to your opinion. You clearly don't know me, if I didn't like you, I wouldn't speak to you.

Hear me out: I would suspect not many downloaders use the forum, so placing posts asking for help there go virtually unnoticed, equally twitter account followers is not great so putting a request out through that is fairly pointless unless it gets retweeted by current followers. I've been tweeting in the OCAL forum, and have been successful to a degree but even the ocal twitter page is pretty much dead these days, plus I can't make a post there these days without being shadowed by another clipart site.

How I understand it is returning visitor numbers will be increased through more registered users engagement with tagging. returning visitors builds brand awareness, which in turn may help increase user numbers through referrals as those tagging may help promote the site to others.

Maybe not a a popup, as they are extremely annoying. But I see no reason why a small unobtrusive tasteful banner can't be strategically placed for, what I repeat should be a small period of time, even google who have a fairly minimalist design, use their page for promotion their agenda from time to time.

Going back to twitter, the site needs to stand on it's own feet now, and needs to be seen as the go to place for free clipart after the demise of OCAL, even though I hate twitter I recognize it's a powerful free marketing tool and a great way to keep users informed. I suggest "follow us on twitter" in addition to the twitter buttons already there, strategically placed where it will be noticeable to new users, maybe directly below the download button, again only for a short period of time, just to see if it makes a difference to twitter subscribers, or alternatively instagram I am old but I hear young people love it.

#57 Re: Website Issues and Support » [BUG] sitewide restriction to prevent deletion of images by users » 2019-11-30 21:13:39

JayNick wrote:

Actually, I have some images that might need to be deleted or reworked. I have some that worked with the OpenClipArt API that no longer work. Also, some of my earlier animations no longer work due to browser updates that should be updated/deleted.

I have a tendancy to over think things, I figured the site should include some versioning capabilities to enable both users and sitedevs to keep track of what is happening with images, but I realise this would be a big ask for a site so early in it's development. To be honest it may not even be necessary now that I know files are just marked for deletion and aren't physically deleted.

I am not sure how this will work for yourself, when you upload a substitute file to your personal collection, one would assume it will just replace the file you have there already, but if files aren't actually being deleted or replaced then I have no idea, hopefully the web developers can advise further.

#58 Re: Website Issues and Support » [BUG] sitewide restriction to prevent deletion of images by users » 2019-11-30 20:49:48

J4p4n, If Vedran has given you the OK then that's fine, but this was never communicated to me, also I wasn't aware they weren't physically deleted, and were instead just marked for deletion, all I seen was images were being removed, so I done what I thought was best and that was to bring it to the attention of the web developers, if it had been any other user then this would instead be directed at them, it's just unfortunately your taking it to heart instead of seeing I am trying to ensure all the images are preserved. try to imagine some random user was deleting your images, wouldn't you have wanted me to do the same?

"You seem to not want us around here"
I did not realise you spoke for the group, all I can say is if I didn't want you all around I wouldn't have worked so hard to raise awareness of the site via OCAL twitter account, I believe a community of contributors and users is not much of a community without any one around.

As for comments about my attitude well you've just started a conversation off by saying "chill man" so your hardly in a position to lecture. I appreciate you were one of the many contributors to OCAL and as I have told you consistently, your contribution to this site is valued & greatly appreciated, it's just unfortunate we do not agree on certain issues, but that's life.

#59 Website Issues and Support » [FEATURE/ IDEA] campaign to enlist more help with tagging » 2019-11-30 16:26:51

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I think most will be in agreement more help is needed with tagging of previous ocal images. So far we have tried reaching out to people for their help via twitter, and the forum and although we have a couple of new users that are now taking part, more help is needed to clear the backlog. We need to convert some of site visitors into registered users, and the only way I can think of to do that is to draw their attention to the cause, so I suggest the following temporary measure be put in place: banner or popup to be placed on the home page above preview images so that it is clearly visable, asking for people to donate 5 minutes of their time to help out with tagging.

I realise no one is a great fan of these things, I myself included which is why I am asking for it to be a temporary solution,  I think it would be more effective if used now and then, instead of all of the time.

#60 Re: Website Issues and Support » [BUG] sitewide restriction to prevent deletion of images by users » 2019-11-29 16:55:35

I don't think they are deleted with malicious intent, but at the same time there is no scenario that I can think of where a user needs to delete an image, It might in time be possible to amend an image, and keep track of these changes through some form of versioning, but deleting I think should be reserved for yourselves.

Just my personal oppinion gents.

#61 Re: Website Issues and Support » 404 message » 2019-11-29 13:02:36

purhaps but we don't want it looking too cluttered, I would knock up a screenshot to invision what it may look like but I am on my way out the door. Also, I don't think they should be in your face, purhaps mutted in colour so they don't distract from the overal message and site branding, If I get a chance to work on it later I will drop you a mail with my concept so you understand what I mean.

#62 Website Issues and Support » [BUG] sitewide restriction to prevent deletion of images by users » 2019-11-29 12:52:56

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Looking at the site activity, it would appear some users may be deleting images, I am sure this is either unintentional or completely innocent by thinking they are assisting with house keeping from the reported page purhaps, either way users should not have the option to delete images, and as mentioned previously I don't see the point in the upload image option either, unless it's been placed there with a specific purpose in mind.

#63 Re: Website Issues and Support » 404 message » 2019-11-29 12:27:19

There is also:

I am good with anything you guys agree on, I suppose if we ever got bored of the image it can always be swaped out with one of the others suggested.

Agree with liftarn though, page should include logo, link back to home page or back button may be better so people don't lose track of what they are searching for, and I suppose a report this page button or some other mecahnism to notify yourselves of the page problem, so that it can be fixed.

#64 Re: Website Issues and Support » [BUG] 500 SERVER ERROR » 2019-11-28 15:59:45

I don't think anyone has laid claim to the images I uploaded they were uploaded on behalf of Birgit Lachner, who I don't think ever registered. What you have
mentioned if correct is also a bug "when the OCAL images are adopted you get 500 errors because they go to the adopted user" so should be looked at also.

#65 Re: Website Issues and Support » 404 message » 2019-11-28 12:36:25

Google has a dinosaur for no connection, pixabay have sad white faced male, so not a bad idea plus injects a bit humour into an otherwise boring page, please provide link to image, and it can be taken into consideration.

#66 Re: Website Issues and Support » Site logo not available » 2019-11-28 11:55:57

It's based on W3C's SVG logo isn't it:

Agree, maybe it is, but i've seen worse. purhaps when user numbers are up they can run a design contest for a new logo like inkscape do, I don't think it's essential right now though, unless therre is some copywrite issue.

#67 Re: Website Issues and Support » [FEATURE] site guidelines & code of conduct 2b agreed upon and publish » 2019-11-28 11:45:28

As liftarn has pointed out derivitive artwork could be a problem, for any object such as clothing I would say as long as the work is not a pixel perfect copy, and makes no claim to be associated with a copywrited material then I can't see there being a problem, but the repurposing of characters, trademarks or fonts without permission which are clearly protected by interlectual property laws could be a problem, if anyone knows a copywrite lawyer who can weigh in on the subject it woud be great to hear from them on this matter.

Tracing or vectorising of images should only be permitted for images that have been clearly placed in the public domain, or are no longer subject to copywrite, evidence should be provided in the description such as linking to the orginal, or referencing the original works.

As you might imagine, it would be extremely difficult to self regulate which is why there is a mechanism to report none CC0 images so that copywrite holders or anyone else for that matter, can issue take down requests.

#69 Re: Website Issues and Support » [Feature] NSFW tag » 2019-11-28 00:39:26

I figured OCAL must have had some form of censorship under the hood, as I couldn't recall seeing anything of that nature. Also I do know their search results were limited to 33 pages for some reason, so we were never really served the entire collection when searching something anyway, purhaps this is how their censorship worked by demoting those kind of images so they didn't appear in the results.

Back to the discussion at hand, I have no influence over acceptible forms of nudity on the site, I am giving my personal oppinion which could be contridicated by the web devs if they are not in agreement, they after all have the final say so. Further more, I've also struggled with the question what is acceptable myself, as there are provocative silhouettes on the site, which liftarn believed should be acceptable and gave a valid point, so when screening those images, I now tend to ignore them.

It's a fine line we must walk, there are many situations when an image contains nudity but is not of a sexual nature, but may still need censored, I could give examples but it's not necessary as we all have an imagination.

I value your contribution to this discussion, and trust me I am trying to see both sides of the coin, but we do need to get something pinned down in writting officially if only to avoid it being a subject that is reignited again in the future, as it's a controversial topic.

On the plus side, the images however controversial they may be are still accessible, just to registered users.

#70 Website Issues and Support » [BUG] 500 SERVER ERROR » 2019-11-28 00:07:53

Replies: 3

May I ask what happens to a users contributed images if they deregister or their account is deleted for some reason, the reason I ask is I am seeing internal 500 error for images which I uploaded on behalf of a previous ocal user. I am not too concerned about the images myself, even though it did take a while to reorganise them into image collections, I am more concerned about those that have contributed a substantial number of images. I would hate for their images / posts to be deleted just because a user chooses to deregister, or worse they are deleted unintentionally when an account is deleted and recreated to resolve a login problem, which I think may be the reason behind the following files being inaccessible. … misc-items … ic-devices
There were a couple more which I haven't bothered to find

#71 Re: Website Issues and Support » [Feature] NSFW tag » 2019-11-27 20:16:58

But this isn't any of those things, It's a clipart site, where the website developers, not me, decide what is acceptable. It's just like facebook or twitter imposing censorship to protect minors, except this sites censorship is far less severe on this site. I don't know this for certain but I am pretty sure OCAL had censorship, in place also, I asked them this, but they never answered, the only reason it's such a hot topic is we are seeing these images now, even though we probably weren't aware these existed until now. I used OCAL extensively and dont recall ever seeing images of this nature, but then again I wasn't looking for them so could be mistaken.

Where I live UK societal norms dictate that men who are topless is acceptable, but women who are topless isn't. I don't know at what stage within the evolution of social behavour this became a norm, I only know that right now, in the present day in th UK this is how it is, I realise it  may be different for others, or more relaxed in some placed. Artwork found in museums or on churches are relics from the past, created in a time when social norms were very different. Of course if you take a child to church or gallery then they are going to see images of this nature, but their exposure to these images is very low and inconsequential, what you are suggesting is the opposite.

At the end of the day it is not the sites responsibility to teach anatomy, sex education, or define what is or isn't nude art, that is the responsibility of parents, guardians or teachers when they feel the time is right to educate children on those matters.

#72 Re: Website Issues and Support » [Feature] NSFW tag » 2019-11-27 16:33:15

With all due respect, I am not going to be drawn further into a conversation debating societal norms or traditions, relating to any race / religion / gender / sexuality creed / ethnicity, as to do so is meaningless, as it's not something I have control over, you are free to draw whatever you like, no one is preventing you from doing so, what the site is stating is that anything reported by another user as being offensive, will be reviewed by the developers, and may no longer be accessible from the home page, you would instead need to login to view that image.

#73 Re: Website Issues and Support » Can't get to my clipart from profile » 2019-11-27 16:14:58

I think I already suggested something similar, see below. The devs have confirmed they are working on it.

#74 Re: Website Issues and Support » Problem finding related images » 2019-11-27 16:13:22

That makes two of us, I could never work out how to use them either.

#75 Re: Website Issues and Support » [Feature] NSFW tag » 2019-11-27 16:08:03

j4p4n wrote:

rob_s, I think you missed the point about culture differences? glasses You were saying "as some traditions can also be seen as being unpleasant to citizen of developed countries" with the example of whale hunting. Japan and Norway both hunt whales and would you say they are not developed countries?? You don't realize you are putting your own claims of what is "civilized" from your own culture bias. I think it is difficult if we start censoring too much. Yes, I think clearly sex images are porn and aren't needed. But nudity when artistic seems odd to censor. There are plenty of nude statues and paintings in museums, can kids not go to museums? And why censor religious items just because someone might be offended? I don't know. I agree with making it school friendly around here. But disagree that school friendly means conservative American Christian school. The world is a big place.

Both Japan and Norway are developed countries instead of knit picking and analyzing every word said, you should instead focus on the point I was trying to make, somethings are offensive to others, this might be a cultural difference or just someone sensitivity to a certain subject. Lets go back to whale hunting, I personally have a problem with developed countries like Norway and Japan carrying out whale hunting, as I find the practice unnecessary, that's not to say I feel the same way about an eskimo doing it who depends on the practice for survival, either way I would see an image posted to a site depicting this as grotesque and insensitive and if I had my way I would report it. Fortunately, as I understand it we are only talking about censoring nude images. You have said nude images with artistic value should not be censored but where do we draw the line? it couldbe considered xart is art, but some might say it's porn.

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