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#1 Re: Website Issues and Support » [IDEA] attract more contributors » 2020-01-23 15:40:26

rob_s, sigh, your reply is perfect example of what I mean. Saying that I am "going back on your word" etc etc etc. You can deflect the blame (and it's not just you, don't misunderstand) but your comments continue to be passive aggressive and unwelcoming. You don't make me or many others feel welcome, instead you shrug and say "I think they should censor minority cultures because I am an atheist and so it's ok" which makes no sense and whatever you are really saying you don't sound to be on the side of art and artists but instead having a "you guys suck and I know what is best" attitude. I wouldn't be surprised if you censored or edited this or tried to distort it with a passive aggressive reply instead of just owning up to your behavior and trying to grow from this and understand what I'm trying to express, regardless of my inability to say it in nice words.

#2 Re: Website Issues and Support » [IDEA] attract more contributors » 2020-01-23 13:49:54

rob_s, your message clearly illustrates my point. It was quite passive-aggressive and felt like you were attacking me for my opinions (I never said you were Christian by the way, I was pointing out some weird status quo that you were trying to maintain instead of being open minded) and that's an example of the weak point of this site. The main site feels that way too, very cold and impersonal. So I was just trying to give feedback, not trying to get attacked or anything.

#3 Re: Website Issues and Support » [IDEA] attract more contributors » 2020-01-22 14:55:57

Hmmm. To be frank, I haven't quit this site, but I have been really discouraged from submitting here by the crazy levels of censorship, the weird editing of other people's comments to change what they said, and also---don't hate--- rob_s, you are way too aggressive and anti-artist, it really turned me off of this site. Seems like you want a happy little North American culture Christian Friendly site and hate on all of us that are different than that. Really don't feel the love that sites like Openclipart built/build. Just my two cents. No hate, I just wanted to be honest.

#4 Re: Website Issues and Support » Report / appeal text censorship issues here » 2019-12-20 12:01:09

The amount of innocent words on that list just because of possible slang is really odd. For example, facial hair is censored?
maybe best to just censor some major swear words and stop with this odd endless censorship list thing

#5 Re: Website Issues and Support » Report / appeal text censorship issues here » 2019-12-17 15:48:49

Uh oh. This one was censored too.
In the 21st century censoring gay pride is a bit too old fashioned, what the heck.
Have the developers abandoned this thread? Haven't seen any movement to fix these issues. yikes

#7 Website Issues and Support » [BUG] Upload accepts no image and then glitches » 2019-12-12 14:45:06

Replies: 0

If you forget tags or something it won't go to the next page but if you forget to attach an image to upload it lets you click the upload button without an error but then on the next page it fails to upload and all of your description and tags etc are erased and you have to start over from the start. It would be best to just not let you continue if you forget to attach a file. angel

#8 Re: Website Issues and Support » [FEATURE] site guidelines & code of conduct 2b agreed upon and publish » 2019-12-10 17:39:43

Although I agree font use is tricky, even these pages explain that using a outline vector of a typeface and not the font file itself, would be OK even in restricted non-free font cases.
This site says it more simply: … 67842.html

A font is not generally copyrightable. However the computer code that generates the font on a computer may be copyrightable. If we assume that it is analogous to a blueprint for a picnic bench -- you can't "copy" the graphic blueprint (download the code for the font) but you can use the information to make an uncopyrightable useful item, the bench (the image of a letter generated by the code) without infringing -- then there is an argument that calligraphy from tracing could be OK. This assumes there is no "art" in the font, like animal figures, or medieval manuscripts.

#9 Re: Website Issues and Support » Report / appeal text censorship issues here » 2019-12-08 08:49:19

rob_s, puss in boots is a traditional name for that character: nothing to do with the pixar movie, so no copyright. We dont need to add too many buttons, once we got the list sorted out there would be no need for a button.

#10 Re: Website Issues and Support » Can't upload an created SVG because i have to use a tag,but it's empt » 2019-12-07 05:20:58

Hello ifishy1967! Something that I didn't understand at first is you have to type the tag you want and press enter to add it to the tags list. So type for example cat and press enter and then type the next tag.

#11 Re: Website Issues and Support » Report / appeal text censorship issues here » 2019-12-04 15:23:36

In regards to this one: … ctor-image
would it be possible to get bloody removed from censored word list too? It's a useful adjective.

#12 Re: Website Issues and Support » Report / appeal text censorship issues here » 2019-12-03 18:06:42

While we are at it, would "weed" be ok too? Weeds are just a type of unwanted plant in a garden. Not sure why it is on the list either. I know it is also slang, but it also is a common term for a type of plant and the chemicals that kill it (weed killer) etc.

#13 Website Issues and Support » Report / appeal text censorship issues here » 2019-12-03 16:53:25

Replies: 20

I tried to upload a pot of honey and became three stars as if pot is a bad word? I realize it is slang for a drug (which is as legal as beer in some places, so if it should even be censored is another debate) but it is also the typical name for a type of container? I think someone went a little to crazy with the censoring? Confused.

#14 Re: Website Issues and Support » Planned features and upgrades schedule » 2019-12-03 14:11:02

OK. So can I add "edit image" button from each clipart page view? having to scroll through thousands of my clipart images to try to find one in my history to add tags to or something is a major headache. (On Openclipart us librarians could also edit titles/descriptions/tags on other images from the clipart view page, that also made editing wrong titles/tags etc very easy)

#15 Re: Website Issues and Support » [FEATURE] site guidelines & code of conduct 2b agreed upon and publish » 2019-12-03 14:07:32

I 100% agree with liftarn, using the font (especially converted to paths) should be no problem. We should avoid logos just to avoid the headaches with them, but just designing a camera or a car that looks like something famous isn't a problem if made by hand. I make direct traced derivative works of only images that no longer have copyright. Of course nobody should trace something still under copyright. I also agree that although we shouldn't accept copyrighted work, we shouldn't get paranoid.  smile

#16 Re: Website Issues and Support » [BUG] sitewide restriction to prevent deletion of images by users » 2019-11-30 17:08:36

rob_s, chill man, it was me. I thought that was what vedran wanted us to do. I was only deleting copyrighted images like Pepe and the Simpsons. I thought that was my role here, aren't we suppose to clean things up and make it smooth? You seem to not want us around here, and I am a little confused by the attitude honestly. Was just trying to be helpful.

#17 Re: Website Issues and Support » [FEATURE/ IDEA] campaign to enlist more help with tagging » 2019-11-30 17:06:04

Bad idea. No offense. I know you don't like me, so I'm not trying to be aggressive. But that's a bad idea. There's no rush. The files will be tagged when they are tagged. Don't have to pressure people into it with pop ups etc. Just let it happen, natural flow.

#18 Re: Website Issues and Support » 404 message » 2019-11-29 02:49:34

I seem to remember it looked a bit like this guy:
Although these condescending owls would be fun too:

#20 Re: Website Issues and Support » [BUG] 500 SERVER ERROR » 2019-11-28 12:23:30

rob_s, when the OCAL images are adopted you get 500 errors because they go to the adopted user, maybe thats what you are seeing? There should be a way to delete an account though, is there? But yeah good question, once public domain always public domain, so what happens to clipart from deleted accounts?

#21 Re: Website Issues and Support » 404 message » 2019-11-28 12:20:56

I want the sad monkey from Openclipart on 404 pages  monkey

#22 Re: Website Issues and Support » [Feature] NSFW tag » 2019-11-28 00:05:49

rob_s, well thought out, and well argued. I can see that our core values are different on a central point. From what you said about this not being a museum or not our job to teach sex education etc, I see that you still think that non pornographic nudity is somehow sexual, I'm arguing that it isn't and that it doesn't harm children so it doesn't matter if this isn't those other places or the parents haven't taught the children about sex yet. Because I see non pornographic nudity as harmless. I guess we can't agree on that though.

Incidentally, if you are interested Openclipart did have a policy on nudity and it did kind of change a bit over the years. Some of the ones that have been reported here were reported there too, but many of the innocent ones were not. The official policy was graphic nudity had to be marked NSFW (they had a toggle switch) but incidental cartoon non-sexual nudity was typically not marked as such. (Also of note, they also worried about wanting school clicks so there was debate on there about weather we should even have sexual NSFW clipart at all.)

#23 Re: Website Issues and Support » [Feature] NSFW tag » 2019-11-27 16:40:53

rob_s, ok fair, we don't have to talk about race/religion/gender norms if you don't want to, but you seem to be open to discussing nudity, so is male topless nudity ok? are nude statues of female Romans ok? What about nudity at Churches in European murals? Ancient Egypt walls? I find it odd that you think that ALL nudity should be censored. The human body isn't offensive just because it is nude. Yes, porn shouldn't be on a clipart site, but I have a problem with the idea that somehow children are damaged by seeing the curves of a female breast in a non-sexual manner or some artistic bum on a male gladiator. Seems odd to consider anything nude as porn.

#24 Re: Website Issues and Support » [Feature] NSFW tag » 2019-11-27 15:52:24

rob_s, you did not address what I said at all. I agree porn has no place on a clipart site, as I said in my original comment. So Ménage à trois clipart is not needed. But I was addressing you honestly offense statement that I am not part of a civilized society if my society hunts whales. Same with the poop christmas image and other things. How can you decide what is "civilized" in a big world. And are you saying (I couldn't log in to the forum for awhile) the developers said "ZERO" nudity, even artistic? If so, that's strange. So does that mean female nudity only? Can I not show men at the beach topless? I don't know, I think there needs to be more clarity in regards to that. But also in regards to your "we should only do what civilized people" do thing, which left me confused.

#25 Re: Website Issues and Support » Problem finding related images » 2019-11-27 14:45:56

And speaking of related items, openclipart had a "Remix" option which led to so many fun chains of creativity. That coming here?

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