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Become a youtube sensation for FREE!

Most smart phones, even budget ones these days are capable of capturing 720p video, so if your looking for the chance to earn a second income, or just want to help out others, then why not try your hand at become the next big youtube social influencer or video tutor.

The free SVG images found on can be imported into cross platform opensource video editing software such as:kdenlive & openshot both of which also come with video effects built in, and for the more adventurous, there are additional assets such as sound and video samples available for download for free throughout the internet, that can be added to improve the presentation of your video.

Links to free software and resources to get you started:

Youtube official quickstart guide: … oundations

Youtube recommended upload settings: … 1?hl=en-GB

Webcam capture software, for those that don't have access to a smart phone: - cross platform video capture software

Video conversion: - cross platform video conversion comes with video conversion profiles -  cross platform video conversion with some effects included. - windows & linux only I'm afraid.

Video editing: - cross platform video editor  (built with ease of use in mind) - cross platform video editor with more advanced features

Audio editing: - add additional audio effects or touch up your audio with this free audio editor.

Photo editing / paint programs: - Cross platform but, less advanced than gimp in some aspects, has an excellent interface and is very user friendly. - possibly the most advanced cross platform fully featured photoeditor / paint program although the UI is looking a bit dated.

SVG editing: - a great cross platform svg editor with many advanced features - libreoffice impress can import, edit and export svg files and is cross platform, but is less advanced than inkscape

Additional video assets: - has the potential to be a great source for additional content or assets for inclusion in your video projects, but it sadly it doesn't currently seem possible to download in complete sets, and is geared more towards the slackware operating system community, hopefully the developer can make downloading options a little easier in the future releases.

Please feel free to add comments or links to software you think may be helpful to others below.


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