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#1 2020-01-07 01:04:46

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Make use of the METADATA fields within your SVG files.

If you are contributing SVG images to the site collection then in addition to adding tags and descriptions within this website, please also take a moment to enter the same information within the file itself, if using inkscape (current version 0.92) you can do this by opening up your SVG file, navigating to FILE from the drop down menu and choosing DOCUMENT PROPERTIES, then click on the METADATA tab, and enter as much information as you possibly can, once done there is one last step, click on the LICENSE TAB and click on "CC0 Public domain dedication" radio button, once done, save the update to your file on exit.

By choosing CC0 you will be removing any restrictions which will allow your image to be used by the general public for any purpose, further information on this can be found at:

Following the above simple steps will ensure this information is preserved and accessible to future generations and any one who gains access to your image in the future.


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