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#52 Re: News » Tagging of archive SVGs » 2019-10-19 11:52:49

Now also added metadata from SVG where exist

#53 Re: SVG clip art » SVG clipart upload » 2019-10-18 14:19:25

We will upload it to gdrive over weekend and make it public so that anyone can access it.

#54 SVG clip art » SVG clipart upload » 2019-10-18 08:33:23

Replies: 4

In order to have backup of all the files which we have recovered (around 157k) and also backup of future uploads to the website, we are looking for suggestions what would be the best option.
Files are now 90GB in raw format or 20GB when archived so gitlab and github are not an option since it is above their limits.
Also it would be useful that backup location offers easy synchronisation.
We came up with few suggestions but all have drawbacks:
1. To make public folder on OneDrive where anybody can access it (easy to synchronise, but again it is private account and in case that something happens to, account will probably have same destiny)
2. To make torrent file (impossible to synchronise, accessible to anyone anywhere)
3. To make an account and upload it to Amazon S3 or DigitalOcean Spaces (it is commercial, but several people can have access to it and continue to finance it).

#55 Re: Website Issues and Support » [FEATURE] flag as duplicate. » 2019-10-17 16:18:01

Hi Rob.
Duplicates was one of our gratest concerns from start. We are now adding two buttons for registered users only. One is related to feature request for collections. Other is report SVG (offensive content, duplicate, not cc0 etc)
Again, you share main concerns with us. Thank  you for all suggeations

#56 Re: Website Issues and Support » [Feature] Search should include/reference tags » 2019-10-17 14:28:11

Rob you know that all suggestions are welcomed. It is only way to improve site and user experience.

#57 Re: Website Issues and Support » [Feature] Search should include/reference tags » 2019-10-17 10:59:33

rob_s wrote:

Following on from Adlerweb great suggestions for tags, I've noticed something relevant: when you click on an image and are taken to the page to download, shouldn't the tags in the right column be tags related to the image, and not a repeat of what is shown on the first page (popular tags). It would improve usability to allow people to drill down to the image they need through related tags, instead of having to use the search box each time. Like what Adlerweb proposed in his other post a tag tree / hierarchical taxonomy

Upgraded. Not always perfect but not bad also.

#58 Re: Resources with CC0 license » Welcome to CC0 public domain resources forum » 2019-10-17 10:07:15

rob_s wrote:

Not free but low cost, currently: 2.98gbp plus shipping to US I think, free to UK. … 0677.m4598

I am astonished people are actually paying for these considering they are CC0 apparently.

I've cross references a couple of the images in the screen shot and can't see any of these images in your archive. Pay close attn to item description, seller appears to have included their own images which may be copywrited, to prevent reselling, so these probably need to be removed. Would also suggest getting written declaration that images on the the disk are CC0 prior to publishing.

For the price, it's a quick boost of images to your collection.

no response needed.

We will give it a try.

#59 News » Tagging of archive SVGs » 2019-10-17 10:04:13

Replies: 9

We would like to announce that we have started with testing of automatic tagging and assigning titles to the recovered archive vectors.
For now only few of the currently active members who have posted on freesvg have been assigned moderator role.
We would be grateful for feedback.

#60 Re: Website Issues and Support » OpenClipart content » 2019-10-16 18:43:41

Pols12 wrote:

Indeed, metadata (including tags) seem to be well indicated inside SVG code using Dublin Core ontology.

Besides, Internet Archive seems to have archived almost all content of OCAL, but I don’t think there is a way to automatically browse it easily.

Unfortunately, not all site is saved. We will try to solve this in several ways. One automatic tagging with Image processing API with moderation of us and help of community.
Different archives will help partly to take of load and we will do that when find suitable data source.
To avoid duplication here will be need to track this and we already established system to track which are tagged, original source etc

#61 Re: News » Which feature do you want most? » 2019-10-16 18:36:36

rob_s wrote:

Sorry Vedran unrelated to the Image recognition, I ment you're probably going to need to drop in a blocklist to prevent swear words at some stage, for any comments or tags written by contributors. I think it's already on your to do list.

Ah ok,
Stopwords are easy. This will be introduced for sure. I was more concerned about how to recognize child safe images if tags and description is child safe.
Thanks for great suggestions

#62 Re: News » Which feature do you want most? » 2019-10-16 15:27:00

rob_s wrote:

yeh testing the google vision app you guys mentioned gave me a couple of unusual results, but on the whole seems like a good approach. Re tagging, yes this seems like a good approach too, think you might need to get the word out in the forum and via twitter, to make people aware you have whole collection but need help with tagging. Also I see one of the contacts I approached who is a teacher, gave you a shout out via instagram, I seen a couple of responses from his followers " teachers or parents i assume" asking if the site is child friendly. I think on the whole it is, but as user numbers increase the possibility of misuse of the site tags & comments or forum, could occur.

We have tested Google Vision and Microsoft Computer Vision. Google gives much better results on abstract images, but only offer tags (without description) while Microsoft offers tags and title, but results are not so great.
We will be oriented to child safe content. Both of these Image processing apis detect explicit content so we will try to use that (also all of the SVG which we pulled from Public domain vectors are child safe)

#63 Re: News » Which feature do you want most? » 2019-10-16 13:33:32

rob_s wrote:


To help out with the tagging of the new images scrapped from OCAL to speed up the process I suggest community enabled tagging should take presidence I think this is option 5 so will cast my vote, as pointed out by one of your twitter followers "I'm personally all for it.   Many hands make light work and all that" I think we have gone over how this could be implimented in our previous comms but for your convenience I highlight the main points which may need to be considered:
Tagging of other uploaders images permitted only for registered users
You may only contribute tags, cannot remove them, The more tags the better the search result
blocklist to prevent offensive words may need imposed, but I would expect most registered users to obey the site rules and keep it clean anyway.
either way there should still be some degree of moderation
finding images for people to tag needs to be easy so suggest giving them one word tag, purhaps "untagged / 4tagging / retagging / notags" then people can search by this tag and add there own, once you reach a point where all images are tagged, then perhaps the"untagged" tag, can be removed or alterntively periodically remove from those images that have been retagged.
or as per the suggestion from one of your users on twitter:
Wondering if there would need to be tiered user roles to prevent misuse from random people?  (ie: not every user can tag, guidelines around tagging)

Hope this helps. No response needed.

we will try to do some kind of automation.
Also I agree that roles will be needed. Good news is that user system is done in a way that supports tiered roles.
We did some automatic tagging by image recognition apis. Results are sometimes great, sometimes not so great. Moderation will be needed for sure.
For start we will upgrade roles of users who are already contributing so that only they can do the tagging. This can be some kind filtration system. Depending on community involvement we will increase number of SVGs that can be tagged. All SVG released for tagging will have filled values based on cloud image recognition api suggestions. In some cases there will be no need to edit, just to put published status.
We think that best way to do so is special navigation tab in administration (menu) where all prefilled SVG can be accessed by authorised members and they can decide which they wish to edit.

#66 Re: Website Issues and Support » [BUG/SOLVED]Related images overlap » 2019-10-16 07:05:37

liftarn wrote:

Looking at related image (great function btw) at for instance you see that they overlap each other. They either need to have smaller thumbnails or more space.

Which resolution, and which browser?

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