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#1 2019-10-22 12:59:08

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Get logged out, password gets lost

Even with "Remember Me" ticked I have to log in each time i visit the main site (the forum seems to work better). This wouldn't be a major issue, but it also seem to forget my password. I always get "These credentials do not match our records."

If I use "Forgot Your Password?" to request a new password I can log in again. I change the password, but next time I visit the site it has forgotten what I changed it to.


#2 2019-10-22 13:57:52

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Re: Get logged out, password gets lost

I had the same problem Liftarn, I thought I was going nuts forgetting my password each time, but it appears to be a glitch effecting early users, I got it solved by requesting deletion of my account on the main site then re-registering, after then it's been fine, I think it might just be related to the boatload of features that's been added since we first registered. The forum registration process appears to be completely different from the main site, as it was necessary for me to register twice, so as a future feature request it would be good to see 1 account for both systems, so people can keep the same user name on both - It's not a problem now but could be in the future.

For yourself and anyone else effected by a similar login issue then I would suggest contacting the devs via the online "contact us" webform, stating your usual details it asks for plus user name & brief description of the issue, and request deletion of your own account, so you can re-register and it should be fine. It's not ideal, but this works until the devs are able to investigate further to determine the root cause. Regards, Rob


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