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#76 Re: Website Issues and Support » [Feature] NSFW tag » 2019-11-27 15:46:50

I use the Rob_s wrote, as I don't want the devs to overlook your post, as I post often, I will do as you have asked but you may find yourself having to repost if your original post gets overlooked.

In response to the Censorship issue, I thought this had already been resolved as you have seen the Web developers response on this. From my own perspective, I have no children and don't believe in god, I believe in evolution and still think kids should not have to be subjected to questionable images, they have their entire life to learn about human anatomy and the darker side to human nature. I would say instead of looking at this issue as an adult, and instead try to look at it from a childs perspective, do they really need a visual depiction of Ménage à trois and what benefit does it serve them. Yes to an adult it is funny, and possibly also to a teenager but would a 3 or 5 year find any enjoyment form it, my guess is no, which is precisely why it should not be accessible from the front page, your entitled to disagree but the web developer have already given you their answer, and I doubt they are prepared to change their stance on the subject.

This is precisely why there needs to be a code of conduct placed on the site, to lay this issue to rest once and for all.

#77 Re: Website Issues and Support » Problem finding related images » 2019-11-27 15:23:22

I believe this is what the collections options is intended for, but I think it's currently lacking in usability and a better approach is needed.

#78 Re: Website Issues and Support » [feature] Unified login to main site and forum » 2019-11-27 13:15:24

I vaguely recall me mentioning this myself a while back, possibly in one of my email, the problem is as you have mentioned they are not connected. The best we can hope for is a unified login solution, or a mechanism to transfer the registration details over to the other site on registration and vise versa, if they share the same database this should not be too difficult, It would also be good if once logged in to the site, you were also logged into the forum, I have confidence the Devs will think of something.

I came across this post that may help:

#79 Website Issues and Support » [FORUM ENHANCEMENT] fake user prevention » 2019-11-27 13:01:33

Replies: 0

Came across this post, may help eliminate some of the fake users and spam bots on the forum … mspam-mod/

#80 Re: Website Issues and Support » [FEATURE] how to use the site & forum » 2019-11-25 23:15:19

How to change descriptions or tags after an image has been published / visible on the home page

J4p4n, any image you have contributed or tagged currently appears in the SVG management menu which is accessible once you have logged into the user administration area. The SVG management menu allows you to change the description or tags after you have alreadly published / submitted the image and it appears on the home page. You cannot however amend tags or descriptions published by somebody else, in this situation you would need to leave a message in the forum for the site developers requesting a change, please post this under in the section "websites issues and suport"

Unofficially, you can modify tags and description of an image submitted by somebody else, if you first report the image, as type of issue:other then modify from within the reported SVG menu, please be sure to inform the webdevs once you have made the necessary changes so they can remove from the reported list.

I will be moving this post, once a new thread has been started in the index page / main menu of the forum.

#81 Website Issues and Support » [FEATURE] how to use the site & forum » 2019-11-25 23:01:33

Replies: 1

Hi guys, can you create a thread in the forum index labelled the above, as some users appear to be struggling with certain features, as some things aren't immediately obvious.

#82 Re: Website Issues and Support » [FEATURE/Solved] text formatting options » 2019-11-23 18:20:00

Vedran, just an observation not sure about code button I assume it's harmless and just there as a way of demonstration how code markup should be formatted, and is not vulnerable to code injection exploits.

[== PHP ==]
  <title>PHP Test</title>
 <?php echo '<p>Hello World</p>'; ?> 
[== HTML ==]
  <title>PHP Test</title>
 <?php echo '<p>Hello World</p>'; ?> 

Wasn't until I submitted post I answered my own question and seen it is just a way to demonstrate formatting, false alarm. Cheers

#84 Website Issues and Support » [FEATURE/Solved] text formatting options » 2019-11-23 14:59:28

Replies: 3

I am sure this is one we can live without as it's not really essential, but it there any plugins for the forum that will allow text formatting options like Bold / strikethrough / Bulletpoints / centre, like what you get with tinyMCE richtext I think it's called. I just went to do astrike through onsomething in the forum, as I wanted it to be visable but ignored, but couldn't do it.

#85 Re: Website Issues and Support » Claim your SVG » 2019-11-23 14:48:20

May I suggest using a different colour as you might accidently press it like I just did thinking I was reporting an issue, also could do with increasing the padding / spacing between each button just a tad, and I suppose button could be dual function like the "like button" click one to claim, click another time to unclaim incase of mistakes. Also it would be helpful if a user had the ability to manage their own collections, for images they have claimed and uploaded, there is SVG management but this also appears to be populated with the images people have retagged, which I think is so we can make quick edits, so a second view might be in order, one for people to manage their own collection which they claim or upload, and 1 for managing what they have previously tagged from the ocal collection which they have no ownership over.

#86 Re: Website Issues and Support » [FEATURE] site guidelines & code of conduct 2b agreed upon and publish » 2019-11-23 11:04:31

J4p4n, I am glade you have found your way to the forum, and I would like to personally tell you we welcome your comments, I don't believe you would intentially cause mischief and you are correct, the site does need a messaging system so that we are not having to hack the description box for this purpose, this has just recently been suggested by user:liftarn

I do not intend to condescend re non english language speakers but I do think my comments hold some weight, the site is new and does not yet have multilingual support, we understand people may be at different stages of progression with understanding english, and some may not know the language at all and have no desire to learn making it difficult to understand even a perfectly written description. The point I was trying to make is the site is open to everyone, this could be Non english speakers, those with visual impairment, learning disabilities, or young children all who may find long unnecessary description challenging.

The site does not enforce strick rules, but some guidelines are necessary to ensure the site stays a friendly welcoming place to all, I have taken a look at previous images you contributed and all had prefect descriptions, it's only the most recent 3 I think, which I why I felt it was necessary to raise an issue with.

I hope that you are not put off by this and understand we do genuinely appreciate your involvement and further contributions.

#87 Re: News » Tagging of archive SVGs » 2019-11-23 10:22:17

Wuzonocal, did you register on both site and forum, if not you will need to do so. if you have tried resetting your password but are having the same problem then please read following post which should help with login issue: y

Regarding tagging, if you have images on here which are currently marked as contributed by "openclipart", and you wish to claim them as your own then once registered and logged in you can claim them, using the claim button on each image page.

Those that have claimed previous images have the ability to change or alter tags and descriptions themselves once logged in I think but I haven't tested, if this is not working for you, you can request the Web Developers change for your, by giving them the image web address.

Re uploading, this too will be resolved once you are registered and successfully logged in.

#88 Website Issues and Support » [FEATURE] site guidelines & code of conduct 2b agreed upon and publish » 2019-11-22 21:10:39

Replies: 19

I suggest the creation of a new topic within forum Index page, to remind people of what is considered acceptable contributed content and behaviour towards others. This would also be the ideal place to inform users what type of images should be marked as inappropriate to make child friendly, as this information needs to be easily accessible so we are not repeating ourselves and is not buried within pages of posts. People should also be reminded this is not 4chan where anything goes, and that their is a 3 strike policy which we reserve the right enforce if needed.

We have one user who has so far ignored my request to revise his description to make it more useful to others, I have already pointed out, short or useful, relevant descriptions are preferred as the site attracts visitors from all over the world and long irrelevant descriptions are hard to follow or interpret, I have also suggested if they have something on their mind they wish to share, then the forum is the perfect place to air their views, not the image description, their response has so far been to further antagonize the situation.

Their latest image description, which they have placed on 3 recently submitted images is as follows:
I am not shy to say (and I hope it's ok to say) that I am a total Openclipart loyalist. But that site seems to be dead? So I am "testing the waters" so to speak by adding a few clipart here to share with the world over here on Freesvg. (I shared tons of clipart over the years on openclipart, many that are on this site now too, and so I might as well add some here I guess.)

This lady is a bit bored, and she has weird eyes. But she is watching what will happen to this site.

USER CAN POST WHAT THEY WANT NO? Why we policing descriptions? This is FREE SVG not "police state Svg" gosh what the heck.

I dont get the whole freaking out about what people write on here. If the user doesn't speak English, the more words the better practice they will get. One learns by trying. Words aren't scary.

__________________ In conclusion and to summarise
It should be stated this is an isolated incident, the majority of images this user has uploaded along with descriptions are exemplary, but guidelines are something the site should perhaps be implementing as user numbers increase.

#89 Re: Website Issues and Support » Tagged images are done. We need more help! » 2019-11-22 16:16:54

Good to see you made it in Mau. Welcome to the club, Happy Tagging!

#90 Re: Website Issues and Support » Tagged images are done. We need more help! » 2019-11-21 21:53:39

Hi Mau, there is already a site improvement post made in the forum relating Upload SVG renaming, so hopefully it will be fixed at some point, the Site Developers are aware but are currently hard at work introducing new features that take priority.

This is a great idea for a site improvement, so we've marked this as a feature request: "btw, there should be a way to resize a picture automatically. Mine is really huge now, and I have to resubmit "

The Devs will look into "No data available in table" error and will respond in due course.

#91 Re: Website Issues and Support » Tagged images are done. We need more help! » 2019-11-20 21:54:55

Hi Mau, It's OK, it's not immediately obvious, although you have registered on the forum you must also register on the main site.

You can do this by going to: once registered, you can log in and will be taken directly to the admin page, where you can carry out tagging, if you should leave the admin area for any reason, and need to get back to it then click on your name in the top right hand corner if your still logged on, on the main page and choose option SVG upload - this too is bit confusing, and could do with being renamed.

#92 Re: News » Complete Openclipart collection in 1 Zip file is now online » 2019-11-20 21:44:42

That's great Mau, it's real easy, and doesn't take a great deal of effort, all you have to do is if you come across an image that may be unsuitible for children, such as naked images, then you can use the red report button, this lets the site developers know, also if you should come across blurred images, or see any other problems then you can use the same button it has many functions You can do this anytime you are visiting, no pressure, you may find some have already been reported. Also if you enjoy the site, please help spead the word with your friends.

#93 Re: News » Complete Openclipart collection in 1 Zip file is now online » 2019-11-18 22:48:14

Mau, there are lots of other ways you can contribute if you wish to get involved, we are looking for people to help with tagging, or to check images appearing on the home page to ensure they are child friendly. Any help is completely voluntary, and is greatly appreciated.

#94 Re: Website Issues and Support » [Feature] NSFW tag » 2019-11-14 18:41:44

your suggestion works for me, anyone else in agreement?

Can I just ask though do silhouettes of a naked people those where they are posed provocatively also count as nudity, I've seen a lot of these being marked as such even tho there is nothing on show, if you get my meaning.

#95 Re: Website Issues and Support » Buddha kid? » 2019-11-13 09:03:13

I know you are probably sick of me by now, but I took a look at this and I see slight differences, the facial features look different, the orientation of the head and placement of one of the arms is different. If you still think there is an issue with it then please do pursue it with the web developers and I am sure they will have no problem changing it for you.

#96 Website Issues and Support » [FEATURE/SOLVED]need the option to change an image after submitting it » 2019-11-12 19:28:31

Replies: 1

Currently there doesn't appear to be a way to change an image tags or description after it's been  submitted from the Tagging screen, there is a work around I've noticed by marking as explicit then editing within the reported section but this is less than ideal. My reason for asking for this is, I am terrible speller and typer, and often make mistakes that I don't notice until it's too late, so it would be handy to be given the option to go in a change if needed. I was luck on this occasion as the image was being reported anyways.

#97 Website Issues and Support » [FEATURE/SOLVED] additional report option » 2019-11-12 11:22:56

Replies: 0

We seem to be coming across more images containing foreign text / non english text, I suggest an option be added to mark these as Non english language so that a list can be compiled that should eventually be screened by OCR or some other translation method to ensure they do not cause offence. At the moment we are trusting what the description states without really knowing. Just to be clear, I am not proposing censorship of these images, just a way of double checking they are what they are supposed to be.

#98 Re: Website Issues and Support » [Feature] NSFW tag » 2019-11-12 06:58:43

Hi, it was me that flagged the image as I considered it to be in bad taste, just as I would if it were an image that promoted whale hunting or dog eating, as some traditions can also be seen as being unpleasant to citizen of developed countries, or to those who don't share the same value as others. I'm not saying releiving one's self outside shouldn't happen, millions still do it, and if your out camping and nature calls, you have to do the necessary, but we equally don't have to hang a sign promoting it, unless it's of course it is to warn others not the step in it, but even then, here in the UK we are encouraged to bury it.

I had a feeling that it was genuine, due to it's slick finish, looks to have been done professionally, which is why I wrote that remark, as I simply couldn't beleive it myself, I know this type of thing takes place throughout the world, but thankfully most cultures have moved on, even india wants to be seen as distancing themselves from the practice these days: … defecation there is also an artical on wiki about it but one I linked is more relevant to the point I am trying to make, that I may have forgotten.

The point, oh yeh:Despite our own moral judgments or feelings of nostalgia we may hold towards an image, I personally think we should not lose sight of who may be viewing the site as it's accessible to all without any age restrictions, if the web devs agree the image should be censored it willl be available still, just to registered users, or they may decide it shouldn't be censored, either way I am fine with it, as it causes me no offense personally.

Liftarn made the same interesting observation, almost anything could be percieved as being offensive to others, so it's a bit of a judgement call we are taking, I am the first to admit I am not always right, which is why thankfully there is a two step process and of course this forum to keep me in check.

#99 Website Issues and Support » [FEATURE] UI SITE IMPROVEMENT » 2019-11-11 11:55:29

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Make site more responsive to other devices, I'm using a netbook with 10" screen at present running win 10 firefox and the thumnails look tiny, so although image dims of 150PPI is acceptable for most machines puhaps zoom capability would be handy, I know this can be done within browser control, but not everyone knows this. Also I still don't see contributor tags, those which are usually pink on my linux desktop machine.

#100 Re: Website Issues and Support » [Feature] NSFW tag » 2019-11-10 11:32:31

I never came across that image but I seen other images that in my oppinion are completely innocent, I am noticing there is a potential for misuse of the report button, whether this be down to human error, people picking the wrong option, or a deliberate attempt by bad actors, it is something that could be exploited, I proposed moving it, making it accessible only to registered users, that way the culprit can be banned if it's malicious.

I have no further suggestions re NSFW or NSFS, the site has a duty of care obligation to all it's users, so I expect they will do the right thing.

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