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#151 Re: Resources with CC0 license » Welcome to CC0 public domain resources forum » 2019-10-10 15:36:05

Hi might as well answer this one whilst I am logged in, on behalf of the site Devs, as I know the answer to at least a couple

Clker is a great suggestion, I see a lot of the images have been sourced from OCAL but I am sure there is other images that could in time be added to the freesvg collection as the site clearly states images are public domain.

freesvg is developed by publicdomainvector devs which is why the site in it's current form bares similarities, they also operate a number of other sites, which they can probably advise on, to avoid further duplication.

Pixabay, sadly although the vectors found on their site are free for any purpose, from what I understand it, only the author can post SVG / images to another site like freesvg, users are not permitted to do so I am afraid. and check under restrictions it says don't redistribute to other stock image providers, or words to that effect. It's not very fair, as they features some SVG that first appeared on OCAL, so it's a bit of a double standard, but it's their site, so they can dictate the terms.

#152 Re: Website Issues and Support » How to upload? » 2019-10-10 15:12:59

Hi Liftarn, you will need to register on the main site in order to gain access to a contributor admin section where you can upload SVG files.

Look forward to seeing your uploads.

Thx, Rob

#153 Re: Resources with CC0 license » Welcome to CC0 public domain resources forum » 2019-10-09 21:37:57

Good find Liftarn, I've checking wayback myself but always found it lead to mostly dead links, this backup seems to be a bit more functional.

As a side note for the developers: could this be used to scrap the tags, comments, descriptions for the images you have in your collection that do not currently have tags, I think since this backup should mirror the folder structure, then it might be possible with a script, to lift the tags directly from the webpage. Although I have noticed some of the pages still do lead to nowhere, as it depends on whether the page was cloned or linked correctly, but It might be worth your consideration.

No response necessary.

#154 Re: Website Issues and Support » [Feature] Search should include/reference tags » 2019-10-09 21:22:33

Following on from Adlerweb great suggestions for tags, I've noticed something relevant: when you click on an image and are taken to the page to download, shouldn't the tags in the right column be tags related to the image, and not a repeat of what is shown on the first page (popular tags). It would improve usability to allow people to drill down to the image they need through related tags, instead of having to use the search box each time. Like what Adlerweb proposed in his other post a tag tree / hierarchical taxonomy

#155 Re: News » Which feature do you want most? » 2019-10-07 22:38:17

Flag as inappropriate button or flag for review by a moderator button should be added, there is one image uploaded with description that is not child friendly and should be revised using a less vulgar word, should probably impliment auto blacklisting of certain words for validation prior to submission on both site and forum. repeat offenders should be cautioned, then eventually banned if they do not correct their choice of words or behaviour.

#156 SVG clip art » FREE sprites and game development graphics » 2019-10-07 15:21:40

Replies: 1

Turns out SVG's can be used in game development also, who knew.

If your interested in learning to program then I can think of no better way to start.

You can start by downloading Scratch for FREE which is an open source project. Scratch supports SVG files so you will be up and running in no time, for zero cost.

Or for the more adventurous then are many other open source game development engines out there with advances features that also support SVG files.

Hey, perhaps the developers will allow links to home-brew or indie games produced with content originating from if the idea catches on.

#157 SVG clip art » SVG animations for FREE!!! » 2019-10-07 15:00:45

Replies: 2

Today I learned SVG files can be animated in a FREE open source program called Synfig, it would be great to see some of the SVG's found on brought to life, and posted to youtube for the whole world to see.

Maybe the developers would be kind enough to share links to the contributed video's to help inspire future animators, or just a place to exchange idea's and  techniques.

#158 Re: Resources with CC0 license » Welcome to CC0 public domain resources forum » 2019-10-07 14:35:16

Hey, I came across a couple of sites whilst looking for images that I couldn't find elsewhere: … mages.html
some interesting sites mentioned on this page also, bit never had a chance to check them all out: … r-designs/

No response needed, thanks for this awesome site, and the great work that you do.

#159 Re: News » Which feature do you want most? » 2019-10-07 11:41:34

No worries Boris, I understand your frustrations with it, I feel the same way.

#160 Re: News » Which feature do you want most? » 2019-10-06 13:46:27

This is true Boris, but if you play it safe by only posting content to your own timeline, or responding to others, where the purpose is strictly to notify your followers of news relevant to your site, and to resisting the temptation to hashtag or post tweets to other timelines, which is self promotion, then you should be fine. It's ultimately up to yourselves, whether it's worth pursuing, if the followers numbers don't go up, then it's probably not worth having. I agree captcha is a pain, but very effective authentication tool to reducing spam, it might actually be beneficial for the forum registration process to cut down on those fake accounts which I see are being generated. Just ideas buddy, entirely up to yourselves whether they should be considered.

#161 Re: News » Which feature do you want most? » 2019-10-04 20:35:47

Liking the Polls, but you forgot one, a twitter page. I keep thinking eventually OCAL twitter page will go down and there will be no where else to turn to for updates for the community, purhaps you could create a page where users like me can follow in the event ocal goes down, so we can be kept informed of polls like this and engaged, and hopefully somewhere you can feature image of the month based on likes.

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