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#1 Re: News » Which feature do you want most? » 2019-10-07 22:27:16


First I'd like to see a visually -and functionally- appealing site. The current one seems clustered even compared to (the late?) openclipart's.

#2 Re: SVG clip art » Welcome to SVG clip art forum! » 2019-10-07 22:15:44

Thank you for the welcome!

May I introduce myself here.
Avid user of inkscape, and a frequent uploader to
Currently openclipart is "closed" -seemingly 3000 of my images gone into the twilight zone.

Simultaneously taking part in inkscape's vector team and was thinking we could revive the site -even more so that there used to be a feature within inkscape to load images from openclipart.

All in all, currently brainstorming how to maintain a backup copy of openclipart and also how other svg file sharing possibilities exist.
Of which are public domain, and could integrate well into inkscape.
What do you think?

#3 Re: Resources with CC0 license » Welcome to CC0 public domain resources forum » 2019-10-07 22:07:15

Hello everyone!

What about
They used to be great -currently down.
There is a user here named openclipart who posted half of the mentioned site's material -probably it's an automated script mirroring the site.

Do you think you could build the gallery to take in openclipart's "collections" data as well?

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